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CEO of Designed Conviction, a Social Enterprise

The Social Enterprise

Designed Conviction offers professional Creative Design, Web Design, and other creative services to give a voice to and promote the rehabilitation of incarcerated/formerly incarcerated individuals.

Designed Conviction is a social enterprise with a mission to break the stigma around incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals and promote positive rehabilitation through art, media, and marketing design.

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The Podcast

Life of a Lifer the podcast tells the world about what happens to those serving long terms in prison, about those serving life sentences without parole,  and those who are out now.

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The Magazine

Designed Conviction the magazine is filled with profiles of writers/artists and through all channels is working to promote the positive works of  incarcerated individuals

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The YouTube Channel

Let’s talk about incarceration in the US! #prisonreform is overdue. That is why we are bringing a new perspective on the subject!.

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Support the Cause

Support the efforts of Designed Conviction, get something for yourself of a loved one today. 

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Wife of a Lifer

Work with me, support the cause.

You can reach me on social media or you can schedule a call with me.